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What We Do

We are a full service interior design and merchandising firm, producing complete design that relates to the mass audience and incomparable results to competition. Working with your needs, whether existing or new, local or nationwide, we develop environments that are livable and enjoyable for you and your prospects. Not only are we looking to build long lasting relationships with our clients, but open to working with new ones.

Rated as an up and coming firm on the rise, Vero Interiors is a single source, turnkey solution for specifying and purchasing interior finishes and furniture procuring.

Design Process

  • Introduction
  • Inspire
  • Polish
  • Production
  • Installation


Getting to know your needs, understanding your vision helps us create a space you and your prospects would enjoy and feel right at home.


Once scope of services and wish list has been established, a “mood board” is created to paint a complete view of your new interior.


After all the design has been solidified, we work closely with your General Contractor, Architect, and Artisans ensuring every detail is as planned, functions correctly, and looks beautiful.


At this phase, both architectural and furniture finishes are purchased and monitored at our warehouse facility, ensuring a flawless arrival and timely execution in construction and merchandise.


The most crucial turning point in the process. As every last detail is reaffirmed, we coordinate with installers and movers to stage your space. After your space is completely staged, we take professional photographs and walk through the space with you for one final look.


Full service interior design and merchandising firm. Vero Interiors produces a complete design that is embraced by a mass audience. Working with a broad and diverse portfolio of client’s, whether existing or new; local or nationwide, the company creates spaces that are livable and enjoyable relative to the clients unique needs.

Regarded as an up and coming firm Vero Interiors is a single source, turnkey solution for specifying and purchasing interior finishes and furniture procuring.


Space Planning

The methods we use to design and arrange space layouts provide the best opportunity for function, flow, and balance. This allows us to provide you a space that is efficient, productive, without taking those extra steps to your destination.


Selections: Finishes Furniture + Fixtures

Where the real work begins. You’ll get to see actual materials and finishes applied to your design before they are approved. Furniture and lighting fixtures are proposed right after finalizing interior finishes to ensure both components are cohesive with one another.


Detailed Finish Schedules

Once finishes have been finalized, we work with your contractor to communicate finishes that are planned for each space and provide samples during the process to make sure it meets your expectation.


Custom Window Treatment + Upholstery

This phase can go hand in hand with furniture selection as finishes and accent colors are being established. We work with a drapery artist that provides the best solution for your windows.


3D Rendering

During the creative process, visualizing your space can get cloudy before ideas can be set in stone. To assist with this, we provide 3D renderings that are computer generated into a photo-realistic scene with all your finishes and furniture in visualizing the overall design.


360 Virtual Reality Video

Virtual reality (VR) videos are a new kind of video that can make you feel like you’re actually there. Using the same tricks that humans use to see the world, VR video gives you a sense of depth as you look around in every direction. Near things look near, far things look far. This additional feature is great for those who would like to show their co-chair members or future prospects how the space will look through any mobile device.


Accessory & Greenery

Décor, vases, pillows, accessories for the space play a major role in completing the space. Designer hand picks every accessory that works for each space and makes sure it adds a ‘lived in’ look. We work with a professional florist that provides a unique arrangement for the entire space and make sure that the design stays within trend.


Art Sourcing

We provide art sources that offer the latest trend you won’t find in retail. Whether framed, print, or custom canvas, Designer proposes art that fits within your space while making sure art content goes with the entire scheme.



This phase is crucial to the entire process as Designer obtains project budget that was discussed from the beginning and ensure the best price for each product through extensive research, competitive bidding with external sources, and comparing goods. We offer fair and open competitive products that minimize risk to your merchandise and promote the best quality.



After merchandise has been purchased, goods are shipped and delivered to our in house warehouse facility where we monitor and supervise each product safely until your space is ready to install.



Our service includes movers and install experts that specialize in assembling furniture and mounting décor and art. Depending on the size of each project, installation can range between 1-3 days. Movers arrive onsite as Designer supervises the installation to make sure everything is placed and assembled to expectation. Once installation has completed, Designer walks the space with the Owner to ensure each aspect of the design was met.


Regular Client Care + Follow up

We care about your space and those who live in it. As time passes, owners may see what they’d like to add and request additional merchandise. A follow up occurs after installation to make certain your space feels complete and running smoothly.

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