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Modern Glamour

Rounded or curvature shape furniture with gray, neutral tones, and metallic finishes adds eloquence and sophistication to this Modern Glam look. Use bold colors or black, white, and gray to create visual depth. Don’t be afraid to use chrome or silver metallic to add that last touching spark!

Rustic Chic

Industrial chic seems to be the new fad nowadays. Whether walking in a hotel lobby or restaurant lounge, this style is considered most favored by consumers and business owners. Mixture of mid century, iconic pieces of furniture with a vintage crystal chandelier are usually arranged together to bring a new sense of an old city loft style…think New York or Chicago.

Modern Chic

Made for those who usually do not prefer Modern or the sterile Industrial look. This is perfect for those who gravitate towards softer shapes of transitional and contemporary furniture/decor. Bronze finishes, metallic, and neutral tone furniture are great together for this style. Be adventurous, throw in a modern fabric print or geometric light fixture to add that missing ‘zing’ to your space!