How to Work With an Interior Design Professional

Deciding on which color scheme or style to go with your space can become quite cumbersome. With over a million number of options to choose from, how would one settle? Whether tethering back and forth on that one piece you like, debating with your spouse gray is the new black, or running around town convincing yourself the piece you’re trying to find may not exist, hiring an Interior Designer might be the easiest decision you’ll have to make. While we don’t have a magic wand, and television makeovers are far different than real life, we came up with some great tips to help make the process create less headache.

1. What Is Important to You In The Space

Designers want to know what makes you happy in your space. Have some thought to each of your space before meeting with an interior design professional to help you have a plan before things get started. Are there key elements you want to feel or see in the space?

2. Pin It!

Inspirational images from magazines or online resources like Pinterest can help communicate the style and vision of your space.

3. Take Part in the Interior Design Process

An interior design professional can take your vision and make it feel like your own. Being open to materials, furniture, finishes your designer suggests. After all, you came to the professionals, leave the hard work to them and trust in the design process.

4. What’s Your Budget?

Determining budget can be hard to discern, but this aspect is very important to designing your space from the beginning as it will differentiate a piece of furniture that could seem an arm and leg versus what your budget can allow.

5. Retail Shopping

It can be fun to play the role of an Interior Designer before hiring a professional, but one huge advantage to using an Interior Design Professional is having to access to special pieces you won’t see in local retail stores. Interior Design Professionals have access to hundreds of exclusive furniture and finishing sources enough to make your head spin, you’ll be thanking yourself you hired a Professional and ditch the Interior Design hat.